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About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Friends of the Hopkinton Public Library is committed to providing support, creating opportunities, and advocating for our library as a center of our community. 

What We Do

We donate adventure passes and special items like the library telescope. We fund materials for children's activities and staff resources. We complement library offerings with programs like author visits. We raise funds through book sales, apple crisp and our generous business sponsors.

We are committed to our mission and will always be there for the library.

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Our Accomplishments

Just a few of our recent successes are:

 -  Sponsored the new library's cafe and staff room
     -  Refurbished the library's 1895 grandfather clock
     -  Donated an Orion Starblast telescope to the library
     -  Presented the Books in Bloom with the Garden Club
     -  Provided adventure passes for over ten years
     -  Donated the permanent Library sign at the front entrance
     -  Purchased signs to promote programs at the library.


Our History

In 1970, the Friends of the Library was organized to support the library for things not funded in the town budget. Soon after, the group began holding book sales twice a year as fundraisers. After PolyArts began in 1974, they started the tradition of selling delicious apple crisp at this annual town event as a fundraiser. In the early 2000's, interest in the Friends waned. However, it was quickly revitalized by townspeople who were dedicated to keeping the library as an integral part of the town. In 2008. the Friends became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. For over 50 years, the Friends have been supporting the library.


Support for the Library Expansion

In 2011, we were vocal advocates for the library expansion project. Later on, we sponsored the Library Cafe and the Staff Room. We continue our advocacy and collaborate with many other organizations in town. With new, expanded library, we are running more programs than ever before to help people enjoy the library.

Board Members

President – Beth Mezitt
Vice President – Daniela Ayube
Co-Treasurers – Barbara Beale, Beth Mezitt
Co-Secretaries –Dave Medich, Chloe Lown
At Large Members:

Linda Kimball for MFOL

Stan Pulnik - Liaison to Trustees

Kathy Dragin - Liaison to Chamber of Commerce

Trustee Representative - Susan Porter

Programs - Barbara Champney

Public Relations/Communications - Buff  Spencer

Webmaster - Jeanne Kavanagh

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