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Book Sales

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Book Sales to Benefit the Library

The Friends sell donated books in the library lobby and at book sales throughout the year.  Volunteers are needed throughout the year to sort books, set up the sale and help out at the sale. Please contact us if you're interested in helping.

What We Collect - Updated!

Friends of the Library needs to focus their collecting of donated adult and children's books to books that will sell, due to storage space restrictions in the library.  We ask that patrons dropping off books leave only those in excellent condition, preferably published in the last 5-6 years.  Please consider if each book is in a condition in which you would buy it.  We also will take books that are in excellent condition and that are special for some reason, such as being antique (50 years old or more) or particularly beautiful.  Feel free to contact us at if you want to discuss your donation.

What We Cannot Collect

Games or puzzles
Computer or technology manuals
Video (VHS) tapes
Textbooks, dictionaries and encyclopedias

DVDs and CDs

How To Donate Books

We accept donations of books throughout the year and also have a book donation drive before each sale. To donate books, please bring them to the landing outside the Friends of the Library room where we collect and sort the books. This is the only place we receive donated books. We ask that you limit donations to 2-3 bags of books that you can carry to the landing. If you need a receipt, you can pick one up outside the Friends' room when you drop off your books.


Hardcover books: $2
Paperbacks: $1
Children’s and Young Adult's hardcovers: $1
Children’s and Young Adult's paperbacks: $0.50
Children’s board books: 2 for $1

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